Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Advent Calendar

I created this Valentine's Day Advent Calendar for my husband. I thought it was a very clever way to say I Love You to him on the days leading up to Valentine's Day.

I got the idea from a fellow blogger in blog land. Here's where I found it.

First I went "shopping" in my craft room. I had tons of scrapbook paper, stickers, ribbon, and embellishments. All I needed were the bags, some more glue (all my glue sticks were dry!!), and a few other odds and ends. I found everything else I needed at Hobby Lobby. Google eyes, heart-shaped sequins, Valentine's Day cards (for the love notes), stamps, and the white craft bags.

I spent several hours playing with my Cricut while the baby was sleeping. And while she was awake too. She loves playing with paper scraps in my craft room.

I decorated each bag in a different way, including a number that corresponded to the date. Each day, he was allowed to open on bag. Inside he found a little love note that told him one reason why I love him. He also got a sweet treat. I put a few yummy candies in each bag.

I put the calendar up after he went to bed on January 31. And I left him this note on the kitchen counter.

This was such a fun project, and so easy. My husband really loved it.

Next year, I'll probably make one for baby O too.

One added benefit, aside from telling my hubby how much I love him, he now has 14 days to come up with a really awesome Valentine's Day gift for me! Thanks to my best buddy for pointing that one out. I swear it didn't occur to me!

I'm thinking I've caught Advent Calendar fever. I might make these for other holidays too. I'm thinking Easter, Halloween, and of course Christmas.


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