Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quilt Show

Today my mom and I went to the Hands All Around Quilt Show. It was a great time. There were so many beautiful quilts and so many vendors. We went last year too, but I think there were more vendors this year. And this year was much less gross eventful.

Last year the quilt show was on Olivia's due date, so I had her sweet 6-week-old self strapped to my chest in the Moby. Several people kept asking me if she was a real baby. No. I just am some crazy lady and I like to wear a doll on my chest in public. Anyway, we were ALMOST done checking out the beautiful quilts, and sweet baby O's diaper leaked. All over her. All over me. I can't wait to tell my teenage baby someday that she was naked in the Sale Barn (there was no changing table!!).

So this year, Olivia stayed home with Daddy. And I really enjoyed myself.

I found the most adorable pattern for a fabric book. It's called Ten Little Things for Moda by Jenn Ski. It's a number panel. Each page is a number with pictures, and the facing page is made out of the coolest stuff: chalkboard fabric! I can't wait to try it out. There are also pockets built into the book to hold your chalk. So neat! I can't wait to make it for Olivia. I bought the fabric panel (which came with the pattern) and the chalkboard fabric. I didn't buy the jelly roll. One because they didn't have it. And two, I think it will be just as cute and much, much cheaper with strips of bright fabric that aren't necessarily from the same line.

I also bought 1/2 yard cuts of black and white prints. Then I found this Smiley Cow, Pigs, Birds, Bees and a black and white cow print that will go perfectly.

I am thinking of making a quilt out of this just in black, white, and red. But then I also think a pop of cobalt blue would be pretty. We'll have to wait and see!

Friday, April 13, 2012

ABC Quilt (Baby Boy)

No I haven't forgotten about my Baby Girl Owl Quilt. But I did stop by the Sewing Studio yesterday for some inspiration, and I found some fabric I just had to have!!

First, I found the ABC panel. Then I saw the green gears (bottom middle in the picture above) and a red stripe (top right in the picture below). I also used the plaid from the Fun Mischief line instead of the Exciting Mischief line.

 In addition, I bought a blue swirl from the same designer (only the girl line) (center in the photo below).

What's really exciting about this project is that I designed the quilt by hand using good old fashioned graph paper and colored pencils. The other exciting part: I used up some of my leftovers from previous quilts to add some color. I used the green and blue polka dot, black and green from the Owl Quilt. And some yellow from a Sock Monkey Quilt I made for a friend.

Here's the design I created. It's a random assortment of blocks including pinwheels, diamonds, flying geese, checkerboard, and some others.

I can't wait to start piecing it together!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Owl Quilt Top (Baby Girl)

I FINALLY finished my first quilt top for my shop. All that's left is the quilting and the binding. Hopefully I'll finish that this week.

Here's the fabric I chose.

Brother Sister Design Sleepy Owl (from Hobby Lobby)
Blue swirl, pink swirl, and green and blue polka dot (I don't remember what they are)
Hello Luscious Rosemary Green Geometric by Basic Grey for Moda (from The Treadle II)
The white fabric I bought at the Sewing Studio, but I can't remember what it is called either.
I designed a 9-block quilt with two borders. I used the owl print for the large border and the blue and green polka dot for the smaller inner border. The blocks alternated. Four blocks are a type of Irish Chain (I think).

Irish Chain Block (sort of)
And 5 blocks are white with blue triangles in the corners. I appliqued pieced owls (to look like the ones in the border fabric) on each of the white squares. Let me tell you... that was a beast! First problem: the Heat n Bond I used was way too strong. It was nearly impossible to peel the paper away without shredding the fabric. So, back to the store I went. Then I realized I didn't have any gray or black for the eyes. Another trip to the store. Finally, all the owls were assembled, and it was time to sew. Of course the tension on my machine went all wonky. So I pulled my backup machine out of the basement, but the thread kept snapping for some reason. Time to have my machines serviced I think.

It all worked out in the end, and I'm really pleased with the results (after remaking two owls because of skipped stitches and ripped fabric). I plan to quilt it (with more owl fabric for backing) and bind it (with the green) later this week.

Here it is!

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